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Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements
The following guidelines are meant to assist you in the process of creating and submitting your artwork for digital printing and to make sure that the images submitted will yield the highest quality results for your garments.


General Requirements    

Sunro Printworks takes the protection of intellectual property seriously. Any company logos or artwork submitted must be accompanied by documentation that shows permission to print the image, or if you are not the copyright holder that you are permitted to do so by the original copyright holder of the design or logo. In most cases, a simple statement in an email will do nicely. Any artwork you send us is also protected and never shared without your explicit permission.

Assistance with graphics file problems

If a graphics file in any of the following formats exhibits problems which affect print quality (such as low resolution or size too small), we can often work with you to recreate the image in an acceptable format. Rework charges will normally apply depending on the complexity of the design submitted, free of charge If it takes less than 15 mins to fix the design. Otherwise, $25.00 + tax will be applied every 30 mins. 
Accepted graphics file formats
  • Photoshop (PSD Files);
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI files);
  • Encapsulated Postscript (EPS files);
  • Corel Draw (CDR files);
  • GIMP (XCF files);
  • BMP and TIFF files;
  • JPEG, PNG and GIF files (read caution below!).

If you wish to send us one or more of your artwork files, you can use our Online File Upload servicePlease notify us by email or phone that you have done so. If you have difficulties using the upload service, you can contact us in a separate email with your file(s) attached. We can accept attachments up to 20 MBytes in each email. If you have very large files, you may prefer to send us a CD or memory module (USB/CF/SD) containing your artwork files.

Please note:  
To produce the best results for printing, the following factors are very import:
  • File Format: Vector files or raster files with higher resolution (300dpi).  If print on color shirts, a transparent background PSD file is required.
  • Color Profile: Adobe RGB (1998).
  • File Sizes: Please make the image sizes as close to print sizes as possible, for example, 10 inches wide. We will resize your artwork appropriately to match each shirt size.
  • Print Size: up to 15 X 19 Inches ( please note, print size will affect prices ).
  • JPEG/PNG/GIF files must be as large as possible and have high resolution and low compression as possible. 
  •  If printing on color shirts, it is important that you provide image files with a transparent background.

Photoshop (PSD) files up to version 2021 and which meet specific requirements are accepted. Photoshop files must be saved at the actual size to be printed at 300 dpi resolution, RGB 8-bit color mode, Adobe RGB (1998) color profile. 

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator (AI) files are accepted for any version up to Adobe Illustrator 2021. 

EPS - Encapsulated Post Script
EPS files are accepted and can be generated from any of several graphic image creation programs. EPS files need to be saved in EPS (DCS2) file format, Composite should be TIF 8 bits/pixel, or Single File DCS with no composite, Binary encoding.

Corel Draw
Corel Draw (CDR) files are accepted for any version up to Corel Draw X5. 
GIMP (Graphics Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source "Photoshop work-alike" which is gaining in popularity and sophistication. GIMP's XCF files should be saved at the actual size to be printed, at 300 dpi resolution, RGB 8-bit color mode. 
Like Photoshop files, BMP and TIFF files save their information as a raster image (meaning they save the pixel information in the file). Accordingly, BMP and TIFF files can be used if they are created with 300 dpi resolution in 8-bit RGB color mode.

JPEG, PNG and GIF (Use with caution)
JPEG, PNG and GIF file formats are very popular, but these file formats were originally designed to be displayed on computer monitors. While these formats are used extensively throughout the web (because of their normally-moderate resolution and relatively small download sizes) they often do not produce acceptable results when used as the basis for garment printing. If the only file that you have is a small JPEG, PNG or GIF file, we can work with you to ensure quality results if possible.