Print Size/Location for Decorating Baseball Caps

Posted by James Sun 14/12/2015 0 Comment(s) Blog,

For cap decorating, you can put your logo on the front, the back, the side, the bill of a cap. The print sizes depend on the style and locations. 



Cap StyleImageFrontSideBackBill
High Profile Cap2.25"H X 5"W1"H X 3.25"W1"H X 2.75"W2"H X 5.5"W
Mid Profile Cap2"H X 5"W1"H X 2.50"W1"H X 2.75"W1.75"H X 5.50"W
Low Profile Cap1.75"H X 4"W1"H X 2.50"W1"H X 2.75"W1.75"h x 5.5"W
Low Crown Cap1.75"H X 4"W1"H X 2.25"W1"H X 2.75W2"H X 5.5"W
Visor1.5"H X 5"W1"H X 4"WN/A2"H X 5.50"W