Direct to Garment (DTG) vs. Silk Screen Printing

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Advance digital inkjet technology makes our custom t shirts printing process very unique from other custom t-shirt printers in Vancouver:  Unlimited colours; No Minimum Quantity; Print on demand; No Setup Fees; Reasonable Prices; Green process; Fast turnaround.

  • Unlimited colours:

        Silk screen t shirts printing plays a big role in t-shirt decorating business.  In this process, colour plays one of the most important factors. It makes a lot of printers to suffer from the ability. 1) Colour limited: Most screen printers only can do 1 to 4 colours, some can do a few more colours. They can never print full colour image like your family reunion photo or gradient colour image like rainbow. 2) Colors Cost: All the screen printers calculate the cost by the number of colors in your logo....more colours will cost more.

       Heat transfer: Colors is not a problem in heat transfer process. But the quality of the product are not good. The prints will be cracked after one or two wash.

       Sublimation process: Color is not a problem in this process. But it only can be applied on white poly materials.

       Directed to Garment (DTG) process: There is absolutely no color limited in this process. We can print smooth gradient colors in your artwork or pictures you take from your phone. This feature gives the designers much more choices to do their designs. 

  • No Minimum Quantity:

        It is usually a minimum quantity when you place order for most custom t shirts printers. Small quantity orders will cost a lot of hard earned dollar. For our process, there is no minimum quantity with very reasonable prices. We can print one item for your unique design.

  • Print on demand:

        The future is the best for designers who want to sale their own designed t-shirts online or retail stores. You don't have to stock any t-shirts which you don't know if you can sale all of them. You just need simply contact us when your client completed paied you. We will print out and send to your clients ( if you ask ) as your behalf. You can just make all your effort to do marketing. It will reduce your risk for your business by our "full-fillment services".  We have some designers use our " Print on Demand" services , such as

       This future also will be benefit for sports teams. When your team have a new member, just contact us to order 1 more which will not cost any extra. We have been working with sports organizations for many years. Such as Coquitlam Dodgeball League. We always offers special discount for sports teams.

  •  No Setup Fees:

        Silk screen printer will have a setup fee for each screen which is about $40.00 per color. If you want to get more t-shirts for the same logo later, you will have to pay another setup fees again unless you pay the cost to keep all the screens ( most printer will not do it).  Sunro Printworks will not charge any setup fees, no mater you order only 1 item or order hundreds pieces. 

  •  Reasonable Prices:

        Colour and quantity are the most 2 important factors when pricing for custom printing t-shirts.

        Silk screen printing, more colors ( if the printer can do ) will be more expensive.  the bigger quantity, the less cost.

        DTG: colors in your design will not affect the prices. If there are lot colors in your design, the DTG process will be cheaper than silk screen printing. DTG process is the best process for custom t shirt printing when the order quantity is small to medium or the order with a lot of colors in your design. It might be cheaper if your logo with very few colors and big quantity.

  •  Adjust print sizes to match t-shirts sizes:

       We adjust the print size to match t-shirt size during printing. That means we will print bigger size image on larger size t-shirts, and print smaller size logo on smaller size t-shirts. That will make your t-shirts look even better.

      All commercial custom t-shirts printing business in Vancouver should do it. Of course, it will cost the printer some money. For this reason, a lot of t shirts printers in Vancouver would not do it. Sunro Printworks will do it for free. It is our normal business practice. We try everything to make our cusomers happy.

  •  Green process:

       There are lot of toxic chemicals applied in silk screen printing process. It is very bad for our environment and workers who have to work with these chemicals. We suggest people to wash your silk screen printed t-shirts before you wear it ! There is no by-product for DTG process. The only by-product is the steam when drying t-shirts.  This process is child-safe. You can wear DTG printed t-shirt right away.

  •  Fast turnaround:

      Silk screen printing process: 1. Fishing your artwork; 2. Burn screens for each color; 3. Mach the ink color; 4. Press each color of your image to shirts; 5: Dry the ink.

       DTG printing process: 1. Finishing your artwork; 2. Print the shirt, no mater how many colors in your design; 3. Dry the ink.

       Silk screen printing will require much more time than DTG process.  We can do same-day turnaround for appropriately sized projects

       We understand that you have tons work to do when you organize an event. And it is often to forget about printing t-shirts. Please don't us. We can do it very fast and NO extra cost for rush orders. We are so proud of ourself for not missing 1 deadline in the 7 years in t-shirt oprinting business. No matter how rush your order would be, we will always try our best to help.

      Shop with us today...... we guarantee you will have a geat experince.